Industrial Solutions

We provide industrial solutions to various industries in different sectors. Ranging from different assembly lines, preventive maintenance and packaging solutions. No matter it’s a complete turnkey solution or only component supply we will cover you.

Component Supply

We are premier supplier of different vendors and their industrial solutions. Could it be a routine maintenance, equipment phase out, end of life replacement of parts or your operatons are shut off due to line breakage we are here to help. We source and supply most of the today’s high-tech industries building blocks. Also have a wide in-stock of ready to ship parts that will make sure you never have a production outage.

I.T Consulting Services

Our highly experienced and time hardened professionals have proven industry success. We provide I.T and solutions consulting services. Wide range of on-premise and cloud solutions. Our I.T team is led by professionals with over 20 years of solutions implementations and consulting services. Our experience varies from Telecom, Utilities, Logistics, Public sector and many other industries.

Arduino Solutions

Arduino will prove to be a next gen industrial PLC board. We recently acquired our Arduino Partnership. We are highly motivated to innovate our solutions based on Arduino’s latest cloud solutions. Arduino Cloud is expected to revolutionise the industrial automation.